Le Petit Versailles is a NYC public community garden in the East Village that presents a season of events including art exhibitions, music, film/video, performance, theater, workshops and community projects from May - October. LPV is a project of Allied Productions, Inc., a non profit arts organization.

Monday, August 31, 2009

September @ Petit Versailles


Inbred Hybrid Collective

Peter Cramer

Kuki Gomez

Deborah Holcombe

Hope Hall

Katherine Jackson

Tim Lomas

Jill London

Leslie Lowe

Tim Milk

Paul Nowell

chev d’orange

John Pavlou

Robert Petrick

Peter Shapiro

Jack Waters

September 1- 27th
Opening reception September 13 BBQ @ 2 pm.

Upcoming In September


September 17, 18, 19, 24, 25, 26
Thursday - Saturday @ 8pm.

"So let no one think that I'm worthless and weak, who plays nice, stays at home, for that's not quite my story. I make my friends smile, and my enemies shriek, I'm one of the kind whose life is all glory."

Medea at Le Petit Versailles is a cross-culturally cast production of a modern, poetic new translation of the classic Greek play.

The production is a site-specific collaboration by local artists from a variety of fields, including dance, visual arts, film, theatre, and experimental music.

The audience steps from Houston St. into another world where the action occurs all around and among them. At first glance it may appear that Euripides in 431 BC had little to say to us about our sophisticated modern age; but when investigating deeper into our own lives, we find his haunting tale hits closer to home than we might like to admit. Exile, gender roles, submission to power and familial obligations are timeless themes we continue to play out and gain particular insight into when returning to the ancient Greeks.

Translated by Mark Buchan and Bridget Durkin
Co-Produced by Claire Lebowitz and Judi Rymer
Directed by Judi Rymer
Choreography by Jack Waters
Costumes by Leslie Lowe
Music by Masataka Odaka
Assistant Director, Nora Jane Williams

Pete Caslavka

Eno Edet
Jillian L. Johnson
Mort Kroos
Claire Lebowitz
Jared Miller
Yasemin Ozumerzifon
Adrian Saich
Gargi Shinde
Anthony Sisco
Benjamin Slater
Joanie Fritz Zosike

346 East Houston St. <>
212 529 8815
Subway: F/V- Second Ave. - J/M/F- Delancey/Essex
  • LPV events are made possible by Allied Productions, Inc.,
  • Green Thumb/NYC Dept. of Parks, Materials for the Arts; NYC Dept. of Cultural Affairs, NYC Dept. of Sanitation & NYC Board of Education.
  • Film & Exhibition support from The New York State Council on the Arts, a state agency.